Real Estate Procurement

“Finding the worst house in the best neighbourhood” is a popular saying in the real estate business and it carries some weight. It is also known that many other factors come into play when finding the right investment property. These vary from technical aspects to market and demographic factors. While finding the right investment property is critical, selling is equally as important and examples of apparently equal homes that are not sold in the same time frame are known in the business.  We believe there is a differentiating factor in homes that are first to sell.

  • Comprehensive MLS listing analysis
  • Auctions
  • Private listings
  • Direct offers


Design is the fundamental part in the process. We follow a design process that seeks to integrate homes in neighbourhoods they are located in. We shy away from molds and trends. We believe that each project has a unique character of its own and we use that as the guiding principle in our work.

Modern design comprehends the past and seeks to integrate and innovate. We use these principles to design beautiful, comfortable and inspiring homes that you would love to buy.

  • Site analysis
  • Location/cost analysis
  • Passive design
  • Modern design principles


Every successful project is underpinned by its flawless execution – that’s why we do it ourselves. We manage every aspect of construction and tend to every detail. This provides an ongoing source of experience that we use to challenge ourselves. Our 40 year accumulated experience in over 200 homes has provided us with a framework of expertise in home construction and renovation.  Our passion is fueled by our constant commitment to excellence and innovation – it wouldn’t be worth it any other way.

  • Estimation and budgeting
  • Framing carpentry
  • Project management
  • Progress payments

Project Closing and Sale

The project is successfully completed on time and on budget.  Now we promote the home. We enlist professional photography, home staging and open house presentations as needed.

Our network of real estate brokers will promote the project and direct the home to potential clients.


  • House marketing
  • Open house presentation
  • Home staging
  • Third party audits

Project Analysis

The project is successfully completed, but our work is not finished. We accumulate project data and compose a comparable analysis with similar projects.  This produces the metrics needed for subsequent consideration and provides our clients with reliable, ongoing data.



  • Data analysis
  • Reports
  • Improvements

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